Monday, November 1, 2010

My lack of blogging

Sorry about the lack of recent posts guys. I recently went on a trip to southern Alaska and as I was passing through security at the airport, I realized I forgot my laptop. You couldn't imagine what it was like being without internet for so long.. Oh well, I'm back now and once again I will continue with random posts to brighten up your day!

Random picture of Alaska. I take no credit for it since I in fact did not take this picture. I just think a blog post full of words isn't as fun.

Thanks guys!! It's great to be back.


  1. it's good to see you back and posting though

  2. I know what you mean man, I forget semi-important stuff like that all the time...

  3. At least you have an excuse. I've just been getting lazy lately...

  4. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you